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Ordinary people
Extraordinary results

Actual client testimonials. Your results may vary.*

"I went to go rent an apartment yesterday and the girl in the office pulled my credit report and said, "Wow! You have great credit!"... I never thought I would hear [that] again. I forgot how good that feels...Thanks for the continued hard work on the part of your staff."
   - Jeanine, NV
"I just went and applied for a mortgage and my scores were pulled up and I want to thank you for my scores being remarkably higher!"
   - Jimmy, CO
"I just want to thank you for making this simple. I want to thank everyone who has worked with me at Credit Attorney. It has been a pleasure."
   - Sha-nell, CA
"Thank you for the correspondence.. I just had my scores repulled through true credit... and my score has gone up 40 pts so far!!! I am excited that this is really working! You guys are wonderful! Thank you again."
   - Evangeline, NV
"Please tell the rep who called me to email me or, give me a call I would like to personally thank him for his kindness. Ever since we spoke I have felt such a peace knowing there is a company that cares about people and not so much getting rich from their clients. Thank you once again."
   - Helen, MD
"Thank you very much for the detailed work you sent me. I really appreciate it very much."
   - Noel, CA
"I thank you for your service and have found you to have been helpful towards correcting inaccuracies on my credit file."
   - Rich, UT
"Thank you for your great job working on my credit situation."
   - Zita, CA
"I want to say that I think you and your organization are doing a fantastic job! I applaud your effort!"
   - Steve, FL
"I would like to thank Credit Attorney for all the work they have done for me. I am now in a position to buy a house in a car, and thanks to your company for cleaning up all the mistakes on my credit report. I now can finally hold my head up high when someone asks me, 'how is your credit'."
   - Shaunda, NC
"Thank you for your work. I no longer need the services of Credit Attorney. I have the credit rating of 756 and that is excellent thanks."
   - Michael, FL
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done on my behalf. I cannot believe it, but my credit score has once again reached the excellent range on two of three credit agency reports. My wife and I were able to get a great mortgage rate and dollar amount on the loan. I am happy to say that we no longer need your services."
   - Donald, NY
"Thanks for all your great work... The judgment was finally deleted!!!"
   - Jane, OR
"You have successfully deleted the incorrect information from my file, so you can close all investigations. Thanks so much for your time, and if you or your firm ever needs a reference, let me know."
   - Brad, LA
"Thank you very much for all of your assistance with this credit matter, I have to say you and your firm are very professional and in today's world it is hard to find someone that still assists people out of the good of their heart."
   - Karl, CO
"I appreciate the work you have done for me. At this time however I no longer require you services. I will be more than happy to write a letter of reference for your company. You have done a excellent job and have manage to get things removed from my credit report and saved me both time and money in the process. Thank you again for your services."
   - Kevin, MN
"I want to thank you again for your continued effort and positive progress on my behalf. I am so happy that I decided to allow your firm to work on my report. It shows progress and I'm so excited about not repeating all the mistakes I've made in the past. It's challenging, but I'm commited to doing better."
   - Brenda, CA
"Boy, you guys work fast! Thank you for staying on top of this for me."
   - Leonard, AL
"I wanted to send an email to Jill to thank her for her help yesterday on the phone. She was awesome and very very helpful to me. Thank you again and thank you Jill for your patience yesterday..."
   - Charles, TX
"I thank all of you. I'm already dreaming to have a good credit rating. I start telling to my friends about Credit Attorney and I have 2 of them that will contact you soon. Again, thank you so much."
   - Fatima, NJ
"Thank you so much, my credit score has risen from 626 to 675. Keep up the good work!"
   - Marsha, CA
"Thank you very much for all the help that your staff and company has provided me. I couldn't have done it without you. Especially since I'm overseas in the military, there is no way I could have done all of this by myself. I have recommended your company to several friends in the same predicament."
   - Michael, AP
"Thank you for your email. You are all so polite there. I think you are a great company, and you are helping me get my life back on track."
   - Devonee, OR
"Thank you for everything you have done for me. I went through a divorce and my credit was terrible. Recently, I bought a house and I know it would have not been possible without you. You guys are great and so helpful. Thanks again!!"
   - Tracy, NE
"I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work. It has made a difference in my credit rating. It was tough getting sick, and losing everything that I did in 2000. I feel like I am making a comeback in part due to your efforts...Tell anyone working on my case that i truly appreciate your efforts."
   - Craig, IL
"You folks have done such a fantastic job with your service and I appreciate it."
   - Lawrence, MI
"I have subscribed to your services and since you were successful in removing invalid info in my credit report, I would like to hereby thank you and cancel the subscription. Thanks again for a good job!"
   - Chris, CT
"I wanted to thank you. It seems as though what you guys are doing is working. My report looks better. I am now on an average of 622."
   - Denise, IL
"Just wanted to say THANKS. I don't know what you write to the credit bureaus, but I like it. I never thought my account with [creditor] would ever say paid as agreed."
   - Eleasha, MS
"Thank you and may GOD bless always Credit Attorney!!!"
   - Stephen, CA
"I'm very pleased with your work it's showing you're professional and also care!"
   - Zita, CA
"I was wondering if I had wasted my money.... then, I received corrected reports from all 3... At the same time, I was contacted by a mortgage company that had tried to help me last September. I had told them that I would get my credit worked and they had agreed to contact me again in January... The mortgage company sent me a pre-approval letter the following day and I put a contract on a new home on Friday. We close on the 27th of February. I can't thank you enough because we know that the fact that we received this mortgage is directly related to your efforts... Thank you for everything."
   - Dan, AL
"I would like to let you know that I am very pleased at this point and am referring you to fellow associates as well as freinds and family. Thank you in advance for a job well done."
   - Deb, PA
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for resolving the issues with my credit report, you provide such great service."
   - Norma, FL
"Thank you very much!.. I wanted to let you know I am pleased with your efforts. I requested a credit score from Equifax and it was at 680 which I believe is in a good range."
   - Tony, TX
"Thanks a million I've seen seven things taken off my credit report."
   - Mary, TX
"Thank you for your service!!! It makes a big difference, and as a result, I could buy a car, last month, based upon my credit."
   - Carolyn, CA
"Thank you!!  I am completely amazed at how quickly and efficiently you are able to take care of things. I worked with a credit repair service over the last two years and they were not able to achieve the results Credit Attorney has in just two months!!!  I am very, very impressed and pleased."
   - Jane, OR
"Thank you for making my DAY with your message, that every thing has been straightened out about my Credit Reports. Looking forward to your next positive message. Have a Super Day."
   - Vincent, FL
"I would like to thank you for all the great work that your firm has done for my credit. You have accomplished your goals beyond my expectations. I would now like to cancel your services. I will certainly use your firm in the future and/or recommend you to other people. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my email address or by phone."
   - Richard, NC
"I want to thank you all for working so hard to help improve my credit. I've been very pleased with everything so far and I would highly recommend your service to anyone in need of credit help! You've been a great blessing to me and my family by helping me fix my financial 'stupidity' and the many financial mistakes I made as a college student."
   - Brian, KY
   - Jamie, LA
"I wanted to thank you for all your hard work, I have seen marked improvement with my over all credit report, and I believe that my score has gone up some 200 points from where we started."
   - Mark, WV
"Thank you for the time you spent with me today on my credit reports and getting me back on track with Credit Attorney. I enjoyed working with you and will continue to use and recommend your service due entirely to your professional handling of my questions and concerns over my account today."
   - Ben, TX
"Thank you for all of your help for the past year. I think you have done a great job! My credit reports have been significantly improved using your service."
   - Kelley, CA
"I successfully refinanced at 4%, so I no longer need your service. Thank you very much for assisting me with this great rate. I really appreciate your assistance."
   - Hugh, CT
"[Thumbs up] for the quick follow up. Everytime I have an issue, you promptly respond. For that, I am appreciative. I'm glad you are my paralegal and Credit Attorney should be proud to have you as an employee."
   - Shereka, FL
"I really appreciate the excellent service you provide. I am impressed with the results from the regular and Gold service levels and have signed up for the Platinum service. I frequently recommend to my friends and associates. I would not be surprised if some of them have signed up. In the future I will have them include my name when they sign up."
   - Rich, UT
"Great Job so far... I really appreciate your help. You must be sharp, you're sturring the credit agency's pot already."
   - Deborah, CA
"Thank you for your time and effort you have put forth thus far. I appreciate it. Thank you!"
   - Stephen, IL
"Thanks for doing a great job! I'm impressed with the results!"
   - Diane, TX
"I thank you and your firm's personnel for all of your competent legal services provided in helping me to clean up my credit reports. I am most pleased with the changes that have evolved on my credit report. It's not perfect, but it is a far cry from what it was. My pride and self esteem is so much better, because of the help that I've gotten from you."
   - Charlotte, AL
"You are doing excellent job and I'm very pleased with my investment in your service."
   - Anthony, GA
"Words cannot describe how happy I am. When I first started with your company I had a credit score in the low 400's and was denied multiple times on purchasing a house. In the short time your company has been representing me my credit score has now jumped into the low 600's...THIS IS OUTSTANDING!!, The reason I chose to go through your company was to raise my credit score in order to be able to purchase a home. I am ecstatic to say I and I alone am closing on my very first house this weekend and will be moving in by the end of the month. The program your company offers is even something I could do on my own, however the piece of mind and diligence of your team made it easier and much faster than I could have ever imagine.  Many thanks to you and your team for your outstanding service and performance."
   - Michelle, WA
"Everyone at Credit Attorney, I would like to commend your entire staff for the way they handled my account. ALL of my negative items have been cleared and all three credit reports are perfect. You stayed in touch with me throughout the process by both telephone and E-mails. This meant a lot to me. With a lot of companies you are just a number to them. The personal touch was great! I highly recommend your services to everyone that needs help in clearing up their credit reports. Great job! Great firm!"
   - Richard, NY
"YOU'RE THE MAN...! I feel like Columbo is handling my case."
   - Phil, NJ
"I am pleased with your efforts in repairing my credit. With your assistance I was able to raise my credit score significantly and qualify for a great mortgage rate. Well done!"
   - Brian, FL
"I must admit that I feel like I have the best paralegal team working for me in the United States. I appreciate what you all do for me, and please keep up the good work. Thank you!"
   - Steven, MI
"Before starting your program my credit score was 423 and my wife's was 456. After eight months of your dedication to our accounts, my score is now 786 and my wife's is 803. We were able to buy the new home we wanted at an excellent rate. The money we spent with you will save us thousands in interest."
   - Larry, TX
"My credit score has never been this high before!"
   - Angeleen, FL
"This is just in case nobody has told you... YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!"
   - Deanna, AZ
"Your services have been very helpful and I thank you."
   - Larry, TX
"You guys are wonderful!!!  It was only 8 months ago that I thought that there would be no way for me to ever get the things that I wanted with my credit.  I have just finished the financing for the house that I have always wanted.  I still can't believe it.  I have referred all of my friends and family to you.  I have the utmost confidence in your abilities to help them as you have helped me.  You have literally saved my life."
   - Crystal, UT
"Thank you. Just Transunion to go! You guys rock!"
   - David, CA
"We wish to sincerely thank you for all you have done and continue to do to put our credit backon track! You are awesome and it is truly making a difference to us. Words are not enough..."
   - Carl & Jill, TX
"I would like to say that your service is amazing. I went from having a very low credit score and not qualifying for anything unsecured to buying a house almost $350,000. I thank you for such a great service for a wonderful price and helping people like me reap great rewards."
   - Timothy, MD
"Thank you. You people have done a wonderful job on my credit. I don't know how your doing it but I love it."
   - John, GA
"I have received some more papers from Equifax and Experian...all I can say, is 'WOW what a difference'.. I am very impressed, I have been telling a few of my friends about you, and I do believe in the near future they will contact you... Thank you again for doing such a great job!"
   - Catherine, IL
"Wow! You people don't mess around, but I like that!...Thank you again for the invaluable service you are providing!"
   - Jimmie, CA
"Thank you for your thorough review of my case. At this time I do not see a need to continue with your services. I have not [sic] intention of purchasing a home, yet have been approved for $200,000 in credit. Please take the necessary step to stop payments from my account. Your work has been outstanding and I have recommended you to my niece who is a realitor and she, in turn, has provided you company's name to the company she works for. Many thanks and it has been a great experience working with a firm who knows how to delivery customer service."
   - Mary, ME
"You have been a great help to me in cleaning up my credit report. According to the last time I checked through my bank I was in the 700’s and climbing. Thank you for doing a good job. I have recommended you to everyone I talk to who has credit problems."
   - Sean, FL
"I would like to thank you for your outstanding service. Because of your service, I was able to repair my credit enough that I have re-financed my home and reduced my interest rate 2.5% and was able to get an equity loan for 30,000.00 in a period of 1 year."
   - Elsa, FL
"Thanks again. You guys are worth your weight in gold thank you."
   - Allan, UT
   - Steven, CA
"I wish I could put into words my utter appreciation for what your staff is doing for me. I have needed a guiding light for quite some time now concerning my credit and the ability to repair it. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter."
   - Shawn, MO
"I wanted to tell you that your service is much appreciated, my credit was perfect for 25 years and a few years of hard times erases a lifetime of hard work, it's very frustrating and your service is a big relief."
   - Jay, PA
"I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your service. I am talking to 2 friends of mine and encouraging them to sign up. Thank you again."
   - Marilyn, OR
"I am elated.. You actually got a judgement lifted that I really expected to have to ride out for 3 more years... You also were successful in getting several little, annoying, items removed. Now my credit is back to excellent... THANK you, THANK you, over and over..  I would AND will recommend Credit Attorney to friends and family and anyone else who needs help with their credit rating.. Thanks again, you people are wonderful."
   - Susan, TX
"Thanks for all of your great work.  I love you guys and recommend you to people all the time!"
   - Anna, CA
"I am highly impressed with your services and plan to continue to use them for a long time."
   - Jamie, SC
"This is amazing Dana - thank you so much. I am so glad I turned to you for assistance and was signed on with retainer and monthly fee. I paid so much for a bankruptcy lawyer who didn't even do what he was expected of. You are cleaning up his mess and it is amazing to me."
   - Diane, NY
"Thanks for the great work done on my account, Credit Attorney really helped clean up my credit."
   - Scott, CA
"I would like to say how impressed I have been with your service. Your people are friendly and extremely helpful when I talk to them by phone and the updates you provide help keep me informed as to how things are going. Thanks for providing a much needed service! It's nice to know I don't have to wait 7 years for my credit to shape up."
   - Randy, TX
"I have seen several things that you have gotten off my credit. Thank you so much for your help. I am glad we chose you to help us, very soon we will let you'll go to work on my wife's credit."
   - Luciano, TX
"Thank you so much for your quick response! You guys are great!"
   - Zari, OR
"I have accomplished my goals and I would like to cancel the contract. My credit score has risen sufficiently and my credit reports are much easier to read. I appreciate the way you have worked on my account and I would be happy to be a reference for you if you need this type of reference in the future."
   - Randy, MD
"I can honestly say I'm extremely impressed with your service so far. I'm even more impressed over the fact that you actually respond to my e-mails after reading them, and in a timely fashion. I feel very secure with a service where I have direct contact with a live rep. and not just some automated service response. This definitely makes the service much more intimate and believeable."
   - Ron, CA
"I appreciate all your help and business and I will definitely refer you to others."
   - Clarisa, VA
"I would like to thank you for the work you have already done on my credit."
   - Cheryl, IA
"Thank you for your wonderful services."
   - Mtume, CT
"Thank you for all your hard work on my case. I have just closed escrow on my first house and I moved in this last weekend. My credit score has gone up from 450 to 729! I am managing my credit and with your help in removing all the derogatory items from my credit I was able to buy a home valued at $725,000 with no money down. Thank you for helping me accomplish one of my dreams! As always, I will continue to refer your services to everyone I know, who needs help with their credit."
   - Yvonne, CA
"I don't know how often people send you guys e-mails expressing their gratitude for the work that you do, but I just wanted to say 'Thanks, I really appreciate what you're doing!'"
   - Ronald, CA
"Just letting you know that you guys are doing a great job! And to tell you guys that I have experienced the most friendly set of paralegals that I have dealt with."
   - Gloria, TX
"You guys are doing a great job. I will recommend you to my friends."
   - James, TX
"Keep up the good work, we need more good people like you helping out the cause."
   - James, WA
"It is now time to cancel the service. We have accomplished what I originally set out to accomplish: being able to buy a house on my own AND getting a UNITED AIRLINES credit card, one of the most difficult cards to obtain. You guys have been great - thanks for everything! Please confirm when billing will discontinue."
   - Ray, NV
"Your company has been extremely helpful in clearing almost ALL of my negative accounts and thus increased my overall credit score substantially. To the point that it positive affected the interest rate I just received in purchasing a new home. THANK YOU for delivering on what you offer."
   - Raul, FL
"Thanks for the response. I really believe you offer a great service at a minimal cost!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!"
   - Ronnie, LA
"All three creditors have written me with updates. My credit is now repaired. I appreciate the work you have done for me and thank you for your help. I would like to cancel my subscription for services with Credit Attorney."
   - Robert, MA
"Thank you so very much. I am so happy I made my decision to go with your company as you all seem to be right on top of things."
   - Wendy, IN
"I have used your service for the past two months, and you are doing everything your website promised. I feel blessed to have found your company on the Internet and will highly recommend it to my friends and family. I believe it was good luck that brought me to Credit Attorney. Thank you so very much! We need people like you!"
   - Candace, TX
"I have to admit. I really did not think it could be done. My credit was so bad and things were taking so long to accomplish. I had thought about canceling you guys and just file for bankruptcy. I felt there was no hope for me. But you guys worked some magic with my credit and I am going to stick with you for as long as it takes. May God bless you and your business. Because there are hard working honest people that just had some hard times; that are trying to get back on their feet out there that really need you."
   - Patricia, IL
"I just wanted to let you know that I'm already impressed with the attention to detail and the information I have received via phone and e-mail. Great followup!"
   - Aaron, MO
"May I say. Your services are AMAZING."
   - Richard, CA
"I have read your current report, and thank you all for the great job you're doing in repairing my credit."
   - Emanuel, IL
"I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Wells Fargo Financial today and they said my credit was good. And that I had a score of 660. Now I'm excited about that because before you started doing what you do it was 550. Big improvement Huh!!! Thanks for your good work."
   - Terry, CA
"Thank you very much for your professional help and timely matter in which you do business as well as keeping me informed in what your doing to assist me. I will highly recommend your services to others."
   - Dave, CA
"You have done a great job and I will definitely refer you and use you again in the future if needed. Thanks!"
   - Josh, CA
"Our big moment happened. We went for a large mortgage and we were approved with a great rate. The bank told my husband they were very impressed. About a year ago we signed on to your service and look where it brought us. WOW!! Thank you. With all the scams out there, you were the real thing."
   - Amy, NY
"Approximately two years ago...our credit scores were in the mid 500 range. Within a few months of using Credit Attorney's services, our credit rating had increased to over 700, the erroneous information on our credit reports was gone, and are now paying $300 less per month on our monthly mortgage payment! We are grateful for the professional, courteous service, and would recommend your services to anyone who has challenges with their credit!"
   - Michael, UT
"I would like to thank you again for you outstanding job you have done with helping me clean up my reports. I am pleased."
   - Casey, VA
"I just have to say you are doing a grand job. My credit score keeps improving daily. You have helped to get my credit repaired."
   - Gary, CA
"Just a quick note to say Thank you and please continue to work with my credit.....I had my credit pulled yesterday for a preapproval on a loan for a house and my scores have gone up so much I was able to get a good loan....I will keep you updated on the situation as it goes."
   - Tammy, IL

*DISCLAIMER: The information contained in the written testimonials is not intended to be legal advice, but information related to Credit Attorney's clients' and attorneys' past credit experiences. These testimonials are not intended to induce or advise Credit Attorney's clients or visitors to this website to dispute legitimate, accurate and complete information with any credit reporting agency. Each credit case is unique and past performance is not an indication of future results.

"I am pleased with your efforts in repairing my credit. With your assistance I was able to raise my credit score significantly and qualify for a great mortgage rate. Well done!"
     - Brian, FL

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